The Assassin Nuns: Book 2 illustrat

This is 2nd Assassin Nuns book, The Assassin Nuns and The Pirates of Peppercorn Bay; published in Puffin by Penguin Books and written by Manisha Anand. It’s a fun story of a small girl, few silly nuns and their adventure in an old pirate town.
I did only the illustrations here… Book design was done by Devangana, their in-house designer from Penguin Random House.
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Collabogram campaign for Adobe Photoshop

Adobe, for their novel Collabogram campaign, invites artists from different disciplines to create something together. I was paired with Kylie, a culinary artist from Vancouver, who made a cake based on these. Check out my  Rough sketches and the Cake in the making by her.Read more

Renault Campaign

I was asked by Publicis, Portugal to do these illustrations for a Renault campaign. About how right choices or”Parts make all the difference”. These illustrations have captions and texts but I did only the illustrations. Art Director was Luiz Medeiros.Read more