7 responses to Contact

  1. Graham Walker says:

    Hi Sukanto
    We’re doing some posters and leaflets for Bike Week Scotland and would like to use the three images of cyclists which appear in your portfolio – would that be possible?

    The posters would be shown in Scotland only.

    Would you also be able to quote for doing two further illustrations of a child on a bike
    and an old lady on a bike.

    Graham Walker


  2. justadov says:

    Mr. sukanto, I’m a big fan of your art. I was wondering if I could use one of your artworks for inspiration and try to make my own version of the dog and cat from the the fafa piece. I was thinking about trying to sell it if it turns out good, so I wanted to get your permission beforehand. Would that be alright with you?


    • Hello Justadov! Thank you! Glad to know that you like my work. You can surely use it for inspiration… but not for sale though.


  3. David Beresford says:

    Hi Sukanto
    I came across your Hungarian Folk Dancers on line.
    I have a Hungarian wife who would love to by one of your illustrations if this is possible

    kind regards
    David Beresford


  4. simranjit singh says:

    Hi Sukanto,

    I am huge fan of you work, and i love to learn it , do you take teaching session???



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