Concept art for Ada, a 3D animated short by Blue Zoo Animation, UK

Character design and visual explorations for Ada, a 3D short film that is going to premier at Edinburgh International Film Festival on 29th June, 2019. Made by Blue Zoo Animation and directed by Dane Winn. It is an experimental film based on a real person, an inupiat woman named Ada Blackjack.   Who accompanied a group of explorers as a cook and seamstress but against all odds, ended up being the lone surviver of the five, before being rescued after two years. Talented folks of the studioRead more

The Assassin Nuns: Book 2 illustrat

This is 2nd Assassin Nuns book, The Assassin Nuns and The Pirates of Peppercorn Bay; published in Puffin by Penguin Books and written by Manisha Anand. It’s a fun story of a small girl, few silly nuns and their adventure in an old pirate town.
I did only the illustrations here… Book design was done by Devangana, their in-house designer from Penguin Random House.
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