A little girl from a congested Indian city, tells her dolls the stories she hears from her parents and grandparents. These are in fact, accounts of real life…. but sound much like stories!
Accounts of encounters with wild animals; including Bengal tigers, bears, elephants, leopards, civets, monitor lizards. Which lived or were often sighted near the village they lived in… before becoming  extinct or almost-extinct!

Accounts of notorious dacoits/bandits, who preferred to write a little note or a letter, before coming to rob…. About the heroic capture of one such gang by a teenager.
Stories about a simple but a glorious bicycle, that was gifted as a dowry.
….About the first television, refrigerator or a mobile phone of the village.
Stories about a pride of sad monkeys, who had just lost its habitat.

“Everything that  grandpa or papa say about their childhood, sounds so much like stories”, she thinks. And she wonders whether she would also have such exciting ‘stories’ to tell to her children and grandchildren someday! But… she has her doubts….

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